I have been working as a lettering artist for many years and have designed wedding invitations, certificates, family trees, and many poems and short passages of text as gifts or commemorations.

Below are a small number of examples of my calligraphy.

Handwritten calligraphy is far superior to any typeface available. Many people choose to use me for everything from Save the Date cards through to invitations and place cards. Many people remark on the unique look of an envelope handwritten in calligraphy coming through the post. It sets the tone for the day. I’ve done calligraphy for a number of corporate clients, including Mappin & Webb and Fortnum & Mason.

My most frequent commissions are wedding gifts: a poem or reading from the service written out in Indian ink on high quality watercolour paper and framed, for around £80-£100. Two or three examples are below. Everyone who has ever commissioned me once has commissioned me again.

I’ve also done murals, work for children, house signage, shop front lettering and much more.